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Wedding Flowers, How it works.

The process of designing and creating your wedding flowers, from the start to the big day.

I absolutely love everything about working on wedding flowers, it truly is extremely rewarding and exciting, as no two weddings are ever the same. Here is a break down of what is involved, and some things to think about if you are planning for the big day.

Photo by Chloe Vollmer-Lo :

A consultation

The very start of the process is having a consultation, a relaxed chat over a cup of tea or coffee. We discuss every element of the wedding, the big important things, such as venue, timings, number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Then we look at colour pallets, flowers and styles that will compliment the day. And often discuss table layout and wether there will be sharing platers. As all this has an impact on how I design the wedding flowers, and if certain elements will need to be moved on the day.

Venue visit

I often go and recce a venue, especially if it is not somewhere I have worked before, sometimes the bride and groom meet me there and we look at where certain focal points for flowers would work, and discuss the room plan if that is something that has not yet been decided on.

The mood board and Estimate

Putting together the mood board is one of my favourite stages, collecting reference images, creating the colour pallet and flower recipes. Everything is set out individually, so it is clear how much each item is, and occasionally includes options.


Sometimes we have a discussion via emails and I make some adjustments to the estimate. Once everyone is happy and keen to go ahead, I ask for a deposit to secure the booking.

Approaching the wedding date

Around a month before the wedding date, we will occasionally meet again to go over the details and make any changes. Once everything is confirmed I ask for the final payment.

Buying the flowers.

A few days before the wedding day my alarm goes of at 3.45am and I head to Covent Garden Flower Market to pick up the flowers. Once it is all back at the studio, everything has to be conditioned and placed in buckets of clean water.

Styling the flowers

I begin by organising what flowers are to be used for what, and putting aside the best ones for the bouquets. Table centrepieces are made up first, followed by other elements that will be in water. Buttonholes and Bouquets are the last thing to be completed.

Delivery and set up on the wedding day

The morning of the wedding day is an early start for me, delivering bridal party flowers, buttonholes, and dressing the venue, working on site to create large focal pieces. I am often on site during the day to assist with turning rooms around, from a ceremony set up to the wedding breakfast and evening, and moving floral elements from one space to another.


A few things to consider when planning your wedding flowers

What season are you getting married in? Keeping your flowers seasonal will potentially keep costs from going skywards, be environmentally friendly, as flowers could possibly all be home grown. And ensure that they don’t feel out of place on the day.

Do you want any large focal floral elements, such as an arch? If so, will you be able to re-use it after the ceremony? I am often available during the day to move items from the ceremony to the reception venue. Arches for ceremonies can look fabulous behind your top table, or as a spot for photos with guests.

What will you do with your bridal bouquet? There are many options these days, and it is worth considering them before the wedding day. I recommend having a vase of water ready at your venue, to put your bouquet in, so it isn’t left on a table somewhere. Both the flowers and your florist will be very happy that they are having a drink and being looked after!

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