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Terms & Conditions


When a wedding date is booked we charge a £100 deposit. This saves the date. If, for any reason you decide to cancel your wedding this deposit is non-refundable. If you decide to postpone your wedding we will hold your deposit until your wedding goes ahead. The £100 deposit is subtracted from your final wedding invoice. Payment of deposit is an acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions.

No wedding or event is booked until the deposit has been paid. Quotes are valid for 30 days. Once the deposit has been paid then the prices and dates are secure unless stated otherwise.


A quotation for the cost of your wedding flowers will be sent to you after the initial consultation, this is a guide price as you may make changes closer to the wedding day in terms of type of arrangement and quantity. You will receive a final invoice approximately one month before your wedding.


Payment in full is required at least 28 days before the wedding.




Our flowers are packed carefully to ensure they arrive fresh and beautiful. However occasionally (and for reasons beyond our control) they may get damaged in transit. In this event, please email us a photo of the damaged flowers within 72 hours of receipt. If we offer you a refund, we will refund you the full amount within 7 days. 




Due to the perishable nature of flowers, we are unable to accept returns. But we offer customers refunds or replacement flowers if the flowers are not delivered to an acceptable quality, as outlined above.




Fresh flowers are a living product and are dependent on weather conditions, stringent quality checks, and influences beyond our control. On exceptionally rare occasions we may have to substitute a specific flower. If this happens we reserve the right to source a similar flower, and we will ensure we do everything within our power to replace the substituted flowers with others as close to your original requirement as is possible.

Occasionally the suggested colour of a flower/flowers will not be available at market and a substitute colour will be used instead as near as the colour 1st agreed or a different flower, but using the same colour scheme.



Sweet pea rosa reserves the right to take photographs of flowers and the setting prior to the wedding which may be used for promotional purposes. Please read our Privacy policy for more information.

Non Delivery

We do everything we can to ensure our flowers are delivered. However if we fail to deliver your order (for reasons beyond our control), please let us know within 72 hours of the intended receipt. If we offer you a refund, we will refund you the full amount within 7 days.





Pinning of buttonholes/corsages on dresses and suits is done at the wearers' own risk. Sweet pea rosa cannot be responsible for any snagging, staining or tearing to delicate materials by any pins or fastenings we supply.

Plant material can be harmful if consumed. For young bridesmaids and page boys please make them aware of the dangers of eating any of the elements in their flowers or buttonholes.

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